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Tuesday, 25 October 2016



They are called SUCCULENTS, or more correctly "succulent" plants that have developed fabrics containing liquids, which store: in the leaves, the stem, the roots in order to survive long periods of dro


The "Cactaceae" (also called cacti, most commonly cactus and, more rarely and improperly cacti in the plural) are a family of succulent plants (plants xerophytes, adapted to arid environments through
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EUPHORBIA is a farm located in Leverano, a city in the Lecce province. In the local and national market for about 15 years, is run by its founder Marco Zecca that, consistent with passion and dedication, has given rise to what is now a company based on the quality and uniqueness of its products.

The company specializes in the production of CACTI and SUCCULENTS, in pots of various sizes.

Prior to any visit in the farm, you may want to call us at the addresses indicated in the contact section.

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Euphorbia Soc.Coop. Agricola

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